St. Joseph Peninsula State Park

It looks like I’m slacking on my blog, but hey… it is my blog, I can update it whenever I want, right? Being a former marketer promotion whore, I don’t want to feel like I am promoting myself or trying to sell you a product. But hey, while you’re here… go buy a Prize Wheel. JOKE! 😛

So… where was I? Oh… Port St. Joe.


T.H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park was amazing. The campground was located right on the beach.

I also tested out my Breathing Mobile Washer.


The process took six minutes to wash and three minutes to rinse. Easy Peasy!

I hung the clothes out to dry and enjoyed some yummy curry black-eyed peas, rice and potatoes from my campsite.


Another highlight was my stroll through the Bayview Nature Trail, a one-mile hike near the park entrance. The trail “passes through maritime oak community, salt marsh, scrub and runs alongside the bay”.

witch’s broom


deer moss (cladonia rangiferina)… yes, kids, I’m here to educate, too 🤓

Around the 3/4 mark of the trail, there was a small section of coast to walk along. I stopped to enjoy the view for an hour or so. I also came across a man that was walking on water fishing about 100 feet out into the water.



OK… that’s enough for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed my Picture Pages. 😛


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