360° View: Camping Near Arch Rock in Joshua Tree National Park

 April 12, 2017

 Joshua Tree National Park, California (33.9861944, -116.0181887)

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 I did not camp here, but I discovered it during my visit to Joshua Tree National Park. The campground is called White Tank. There are 15 dry camping sites, all of which are available on a first come, first serve basis for $15 per night. There are pit toilets on site, too.

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360° View: Lake Havasu Campsite

 April 5-11, 2017

 Lake Havasu City, Arizona (34.423, -114.19799)

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 As I drove along Highway 95, I found several spot where people had set up camp. I chose this spot because it was relatively close to the city (~10 miles), yet far enough out to feel like and camper and not a tourist. This location is close to the road, so you will encounter a bit of noise. Still, it is not offensive. There were a couple of bumps along the way, but nothing too severe.

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Patience… Please


Over the next week or so, I will be reposting some of the photosphere images you may have seen on other posts. I am doing this because I would like to create a page for each location, so that other viewers will be accurately to find each spot.

I will continue to upload these images to Google Maps. However, and unfortunately, Google no longer allows these 360° images to be placed in their exact location within their map. Instead, these images have to be placed in an existing location, or a new location has to be created… and Google has denied the creation of many of the places I have suggested.

So… my answer is to create a new page and map of 360° views. Each entry on the map will include a link to the corresponding page. Each page will include the 360° image, GPS coordinates, Google Maps link, and other goodies.

So… patience… please.

360° View: SARA’s Crack (crack in the mountain trail)

 April 10, 2017

 Lake Havasu City, Arizona (34.431, -114.275)

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 To reach the crack, hike from SARA Park and follow the wash area down to the canyon. The trails are not very clearly marked, so keep your GPS handy to make sure you’re headed in the right direction. There are a couple of areas that are a bit challenging, but other hikers had left behind gear (see pics).

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Today I will kayak to California

Today I will kayak to California.

That is a statement that never entered my mind, but it is exactly what I did yesterday. I crossed the Colorado River from Arizona to California in my inflatable, yes inflatable, kayak.

Now, before you begin to conjure up images of an all-day, strenuous haul… miles and hours of endless, back-breaking paddling… you should grab your handy Rand McNally. [If you’re scratching your head or under the age of 30, click here.]

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Kayaking Near Lake Havasu

Yesterday I had my second solo kayaking adventure. The destination… Lake Havasu, well… an area near Lake Havasu.

I started my “yak” at Castle Rock Bay. When I first arrived at the rock, I didn’t see the bay, but I was greeted by a lovely sign reminded me to be mindful of rattlesnakes. 😛

The bay is located about 800 or so feet away from the parking area. Did I see rattlesnakes? No. A more appropriate sign should probably read, “Be Alert! Watch Out For Donkey Shit!”

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Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail hike

I have loved waking up most mornings with no clear path in front of me. Yesterday was no exception. The day ended up taking me to the Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail.

The 3.7 mile trail runs from the trailhead, near the Lake Mead visitor’s center, to the Hoover Dam parking garage. I decide that I just wanted to focus on the area along the lake and the tunnels, since I had been to the dam a couple of days earlier.

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