One month later… gimme more

I am one month into “My Scotty Adventure”, and it is difficult to put into words how great this experience has been.


My central objective of the “Adventure” was to live simply… less stuff, more living.  Could I live comfortably in 60 square feet? Would I miss the conveniences of a “normal” home?

There are few amazing experiences I was not expecting.

The level of admiration I have for nature and serenity

I am a pretty easy going person, but the level of calmness I have experienced has been unmatched. The simple things around me are beautiful. Life is beautiful. A lazy day on a deserted beach… a hike on an unnamed trail… sitting here writing this on a pier that looks toward the Gulf of Mexico.


I can be handy

The repairs and modifications I have made to Scotty have shown me that I can be quite handy. Plus… when a challenge arises it allows me “use my noodle” and challenge myself.

my successful solar install


The presidential election of 2016 did a number on me. It left me feeling disconnected from my fellow man. Living in my tin can and chatting with others about our time on the road has allowed me to reconnect with people… to find a connection.


Fuck fear

Before I hit the road, I had fears.

  • Could I tow, drive 55+ miles per hour, deal with interstate traffic, change lanes, and not have a nervous breakdown?
  • Could I pull into a gas station without taking out a pump or two in the process.
  • Would I be able park the Scotty into a site that requires me to back up?

My experiences over the last month have further cemented the conviction I have that most fear is unnecessary and can paralyze us if we give in to it. I will continue to drive walk toward the unknown… to try the things that scare me a bit.


Bring on month number two… and more adventures. 😀

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