Coachella and the introvert

I have adopted the introvert moniker, but I don’t know if that is the correct label. I guess it sounds much better than “guy that is content in his own world and doesn’t give a fuck about what other people think”. 😛

Now that is not meant to be hostile. I actually do love people. I just have a low bullshit tolerance.

Having said that, I also love music, so Coachella would seem to be a great festival to explore new music. And… it did not disappoint.

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Today I will kayak to California

Today I will kayak to California.

That is a statement that never entered my mind, but it is exactly what I did yesterday. I crossed the Colorado River from Arizona to California in my inflatable, yes inflatable, kayak.

Now, before you begin to conjure up images of an all-day, strenuous haul… miles and hours of endless, back-breaking paddling… you should grab your handy Rand McNally. [If you’re scratching your head or under the age of 30, click here.]

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Kayaking Near Lake Havasu

Yesterday I had my second solo kayaking adventure. The destination… Lake Havasu, well… an area near Lake Havasu.

I started my “yak” at Castle Rock Bay. When I first arrived at the rock, I didn’t see the bay, but I was greeted by a lovely sign reminded me to be mindful of rattlesnakes. 😛

The bay is located about 800 or so feet away from the parking area. Did I see rattlesnakes? No. A more appropriate sign should probably read, “Be Alert! Watch Out For Donkey Shit!”

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Next stop… 150 miles… and Florida

Anxious to get out of Georgia and to Florida, I pushed my 150 mile limit. And… I made it, well… sort of. I traveled 147 miles to Lake Seminole RV Park, a mere two-ish miles from the Georgia-Florida line.

This is a small park I discovered through Passport America with discounted rates of $15 per night. So, I am proud to say that my annual membership fee of $44 paid for itself in my first two stays (two nights at Lake Seminole and two nights at Southern Trails Resort).

After getting checked in with the owner, Greg, I ventured to the state line and stopped at the Jim Woodruff Dam.


Next up… Chattahoochee, Florida, and well… not much to see here. Chattahoochee is a small town, but it did not let me down. They had my latest obsession, Dollar General. The little old lady in me was tempted to pick up an adult coloring book, but I resisted.


The next day, January 14, I ventured over to Snead, Florida and Three Rivers State Park. I had hoped to get a hike in for the day, so I fueled up on a ghost with big boobs fried eggs and turkey bologna. I don’t know why, but I only crave fried bologna when I’m camping.


Alas, no hiking to be found at Three Rivers State Park, so I pulled out the trusty Kindle. (I’m currently reading Out of My Mind, a lovely piece of young adult literature. 😜) I also did a little reflection and writing while enjoying the beautiful day.



All of that relaxation had made me hungry, so I ended my day with a plate of fried shrimp from a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant back in Chattahoochee called Northside Seafood. Nom! Nom! 😀


Next up… Port Saint Joe, Florida. 😀

Catching up… day one

Patrick and I are now eight days in to My Scotty Adventure, and we’re having a great time. But… I’m enjoying myself so much that I am slacking on my updates. So… time to play catch-up.

After leaving Atlanta on January 11, we stopped at Southern Trails Resort in Unadilla, Georgia. Why Unadilla? Well, one of the few parameters I have set for the trip adventure is to limit my driving to no more than 150 miles each travel day. I’m sure there will be exceptions, but it is “about the journey and not the destination”.

So, back to Southern Trails Resort. I find it amusing that many campgrounds feel the need to put the word resort in their name. Yes… Southern Trails Resort was a fine campground, but erase the image you may have of heated pools with swim-up cocktail bars and daily massages from a hunky, muscled stud. (Is it getting hot in here? 😅) STR is a RV park… and one that is located by the interstate.

We stayed at STR through Friday the 13th 😱. There were only a handful of other RVs on site, and we had our pick of spots… so we chose one near the bath house.


It was my first time backing Mork into a RV spot. Luckily, the sites were wide and he is not, so… I didn’t need to get it straight (as you can see). 😛

The wolf moon set the tone on the 12th. STR slaughter on the 13th? 😛

The bathhouse was nice and clean. Although, I did not use it to shower… more on that later. (I see you shiver with anticipation.)


Would I go back to STR? Yes.

My stay at STR allowed me to try out my Passport America membership. My daily rate was cut in half to $18. SOLD! Plus… I was able to find my next stop through Passport America… but… you will have to wait for my next post. 😛

Seven cruises in 12 months

On Wednesday I will be boarding a Holland America cruise ship headed toward the Panama Canal. This will be my seventh cruise in 12 months. Here is the rundown…

  1. November 29 to December 6, 2015: Caribbean
  2. April 2 to 16: Intercontinental (Fort Lauderdale to Southampton)
  3. May 19 to May 23: Caribbean
  4. June 26 to July 3: Caribbean
  5. August 13 to August 20: Alaska
  6. September 22 to October 2: Pacific Coast
  7. November 30 to December 11, 2016: Panama Canal
cruising in Alaska

2016 was an eventful year. I also spent time in Ocala (Florida), Orlando, Louisville, Cleveland, Daytona Beach, Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Diego, London and Puerto Vallarta.

near the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain

I was also able to work in a few camping trips to Lake Lanier, Amicalola Falls, and Ooltewah (Tennessee). I hope to make 2017 the year of camping now that Scotty is in the mix.

Planes, trains, automobiles, and a boat (part two)

As I continue to slack further from blogging, I figure it is best to get the pics from the rest of this journey up before it is gone from my memory. 😛

a beautiful sunset while cruising the west coast
a beautiful sunset (or was it a sunrise) while cruising the west coast

After leaving Astoria on September 29, I made my way down the west coast aboard the Norwegian Jewel, arriving in Los Angeles on October 2.

10/2/2016: time with friends in Los Angeles, followed by a bus and two trains

While in LA, I was able to spend a couple of nights with friends, have a few drinks, and take part in one my favorites… a day in the park with a book.


When Tuesday rolled around, it was time to dive in to the Los Angeles public transit system. I picked up a bus at Beverly and Genesee, then a hop on the Metro red line (train) to Union Station.

Yes… I love my public transit

Next stop… Amtrak (my first) and a ride down the Pacific Coast.

Amtrak hair... don't care :P
Amtrak hair… don’t care 😛

I would definitely do Amtrak again. So… don’t knock it until you try it.

  • The ticketing process was a breeze.
  • The train was comfortable with plenty of legroom.
  •  There was free wifi (albeit slow) throughout the train.

Oh… and then there was the view. SOLD!

"Life is a journey, not a destination" #matra #travel

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10/4/2016: San Diego

As far as my mush brain can remember, I had never been to San Diego, but it is a city that I can see myself returning to.

Although, I was only in San Diego for two days, I managed to get in the San Diego Zoo…



… a hike…


… a tour around the various museums and greenery in Balboa Park…




… and a visit to the Fleet Science Center to see Nathan Sawaya’s Art of the Brick exhibit.


Yes… the truth is that the guiding force behind my trek to San Diego was to see this exhibit. In fact, I took pics of every single one of Nathan’s LEGO works of art. I’m sure at some point I will create a post with everything. Loved It!

After my two days were up in San Diego, it was time to catch an Uber, followed by my return flight to Atlanta.


Planes, trains, automobiles, and a boat (part one)

Yes… I’ve been slacking on the blog, but I do not what my writing to become a responsibility. Instead, I want it to be outlet.

I just spent a couple of weeks in continuous travel. Here was my itinerary, along with some pics.

9/23/2016: flight to Vancouver

on day one I came across this sign
on day one I came across this sign… I’m on the right track, baby
Capilano Suspension Bridge
relaxing at Kitsilano Beach Park
relaxing at Kitsilano Beach Park


Granville Public Market, an awesome farmers' market
Granville Public Market, an awesome farmers’ market

9/27/2016: bus to board my ship for a pacific coast cruise

my room on the Norwegian Jewel for the next five days... not too shabby
my room on the Norwegian Jewel for the next five days… not too shabby


9/28/2016: spending the day in Victoria

I spent most of my day in Beacon Hill Park.
I spent most of my day in Beacon Hill Park.


Beacon Hill Park was one of the best public parks I have ever visited. It had a variety of green areas, wooded spaces, ponds, and wildlife.

yes... that's a peacock roaming around... no cage
yes… that’s a peacock roaming around… no cage

To further drive home the fact I have made the decision to live a more nomadic life, I came across this little gem on a park bench…

love life now

Love Life Now… seize the moment… live it up… carefree as a frisky pup
Cherish your mate… be kind… love nature… for peace of mind


I ended my day in Victoria with a stroll along Fisherman’s Wharf.

9/29/2016: trolley to the Goonies in Astoria, Washington

My trek around Astoria included a ride on the riverfront trolley, a search for Goonies, a visit with the sea lions, and a bite and brew at a local pub.

the trolley is only a buck (or $2 to ride all day)
the trolley is only a buck (or $2 to ride all day)
"Goonies house"
“Goonies house”

If you’re ever in Astoria and want to see the “Goonies house”, it is located at 368 38th Street. Unfortunately, this is about as close as you will get. It seems that the 30th anniversary created a bit too much havoc.

For 14 years, homeowner Sandi Preston has let fans — within reason — approach, photograph, gawk at and geek out on her property in Uppertown. On occasion, she has even opened up her house to them.

“Sandi … has been very, very accommodating,” City Councilor Russ Warr said.

But, with an estimated 1,200 to 1,500 visitors swarming around the house almost every day this summer, Preston and her neighbors near 38th and Duane streets are experiencing fan fatigue.

sea lions of Astoria
sea lions of Astoria


I ended my day with a bowl of clam chowder, a sweet potato biscuit, and a local beer from Port of Call Bistro and Bar. Life is good.