Other people’s fears

In preparation for My Scotty Adventure, I began watching a lot more YouTube. I still do this because it allows me to stay connected to people that are on a similar path.

One of the people that I follow is Carolyn and her channel, Carolyn’s RV Life. She hit the nail on the head with this little nugget…

Don’t let other people’s fears and preconceived ideas keep you from living your life.

I was seriously considering Slab City before watching her videos. After listening to her insights, she cemented the deal. Here is a two-ish minute excerpt from her last day in Slab City.

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One month later… gimme more

I am one month into “My Scotty Adventure”, and it is difficult to put into words how great this experience has been.


My central objective of the “Adventure” was to live simply… less stuff, more living.  Could I live comfortably in 60 square feet? Would I miss the conveniences of a “normal” home?

There are few amazing experiences I was not expecting.

The level of admiration I have for nature and serenity

I am a pretty easy going person, but the level of calmness I have experienced has been unmatched. The simple things around me are beautiful. Life is beautiful. A lazy day on a deserted beach… a hike on an unnamed trail… sitting here writing this on a pier that looks toward the Gulf of Mexico.


I can be handy

The repairs and modifications I have made to Scotty have shown me that I can be quite handy. Plus… when a challenge arises it allows me “use my noodle” and challenge myself.

my successful solar install


The presidential election of 2016 did a number on me. It left me feeling disconnected from my fellow man. Living in my tin can and chatting with others about our time on the road has allowed me to reconnect with people… to find a connection.


Fuck fear

Before I hit the road, I had fears.

  • Could I tow, drive 55+ miles per hour, deal with interstate traffic, change lanes, and not have a nervous breakdown?
  • Could I pull into a gas station without taking out a pump or two in the process.
  • Would I be able park the Scotty into a site that requires me to back up?

My experiences over the last month have further cemented the conviction I have that most fear is unnecessary and can paralyze us if we give in to it. I will continue to drive walk toward the unknown… to try the things that scare me a bit.


Bring on month number two… and more adventures. 😀

St. Joseph Peninsula State Park

It looks like I’m slacking on my blog, but hey… it is my blog, I can update it whenever I want, right? Being a former marketer promotion whore, I don’t want to feel like I am promoting myself or trying to sell you a product. But hey, while you’re here… go buy a Prize Wheel. JOKE! 😛

So… where was I? Oh… Port St. Joe.


T.H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park was amazing. The campground was located right on the beach.

I also tested out my Breathing Mobile Washer.


The process took six minutes to wash and three minutes to rinse. Easy Peasy!

I hung the clothes out to dry and enjoyed some yummy curry black-eyed peas, rice and potatoes from my campsite.


Another highlight was my stroll through the Bayview Nature Trail, a one-mile hike near the park entrance. The trail “passes through maritime oak community, salt marsh, scrub and runs alongside the bay”.

witch’s broom


deer moss (cladonia rangiferina)… yes, kids, I’m here to educate, too 🤓

Around the 3/4 mark of the trail, there was a small section of coast to walk along. I stopped to enjoy the view for an hour or so. I also came across a man that was walking on water fishing about 100 feet out into the water.



OK… that’s enough for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed my Picture Pages. 😛


Next stop… 150 miles… and Florida

Anxious to get out of Georgia and to Florida, I pushed my 150 mile limit. And… I made it, well… sort of. I traveled 147 miles to Lake Seminole RV Park, a mere two-ish miles from the Georgia-Florida line.

This is a small park I discovered through Passport America with discounted rates of $15 per night. So, I am proud to say that my annual membership fee of $44 paid for itself in my first two stays (two nights at Lake Seminole and two nights at Southern Trails Resort).

After getting checked in with the owner, Greg, I ventured to the state line and stopped at the Jim Woodruff Dam.


Next up… Chattahoochee, Florida, and well… not much to see here. Chattahoochee is a small town, but it did not let me down. They had my latest obsession, Dollar General. The little old lady in me was tempted to pick up an adult coloring book, but I resisted.


The next day, January 14, I ventured over to Snead, Florida and Three Rivers State Park. I had hoped to get a hike in for the day, so I fueled up on a ghost with big boobs fried eggs and turkey bologna. I don’t know why, but I only crave fried bologna when I’m camping.


Alas, no hiking to be found at Three Rivers State Park, so I pulled out the trusty Kindle. (I’m currently reading Out of My Mind, a lovely piece of young adult literature. 😜) I also did a little reflection and writing while enjoying the beautiful day.



All of that relaxation had made me hungry, so I ended my day with a plate of fried shrimp from a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant back in Chattahoochee called Northside Seafood. Nom! Nom! 😀


Next up… Port Saint Joe, Florida. 😀

Catching up… day one

Patrick and I are now eight days in to My Scotty Adventure, and we’re having a great time. But… I’m enjoying myself so much that I am slacking on my updates. So… time to play catch-up.

After leaving Atlanta on January 11, we stopped at Southern Trails Resort in Unadilla, Georgia. Why Unadilla? Well, one of the few parameters I have set for the trip adventure is to limit my driving to no more than 150 miles each travel day. I’m sure there will be exceptions, but it is “about the journey and not the destination”.

So, back to Southern Trails Resort. I find it amusing that many campgrounds feel the need to put the word resort in their name. Yes… Southern Trails Resort was a fine campground, but erase the image you may have of heated pools with swim-up cocktail bars and daily massages from a hunky, muscled stud. (Is it getting hot in here? 😅) STR is a RV park… and one that is located by the interstate.

We stayed at STR through Friday the 13th 😱. There were only a handful of other RVs on site, and we had our pick of spots… so we chose one near the bath house.


It was my first time backing Mork into a RV spot. Luckily, the sites were wide and he is not, so… I didn’t need to get it straight (as you can see). 😛

The wolf moon set the tone on the 12th. STR slaughter on the 13th? 😛

The bathhouse was nice and clean. Although, I did not use it to shower… more on that later. (I see you shiver with anticipation.)


Would I go back to STR? Yes.

My stay at STR allowed me to try out my Passport America membership. My daily rate was cut in half to $18. SOLD! Plus… I was able to find my next stop through Passport America… but… you will have to wait for my next post. 😛

The heat is on

One of the last pieces of the Scotty puzzle to come together was the heat for my future home on wheels.

When I initially flew to Cleveland to view the Scotty, I was told that the refrigerator and stove were in working order.

“How about the gas?” I asked.

The “I’m not sure about that one” response from the seller told me that I would be buying a Mr. Buddy indoor heater when I did not have electric to power my ceramic heater.


Before I bought the portable heater, I checked to see if my HVAC guy was willing to take a look at the Scotty. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he was game. So, I met up with him last Wednesday.

I understand that Mork is 36 years old. Hell… he has the original exterior, flawless authentic interior, working refrigerator and stove. I knew that a working furnace was pushing it.


After 30 minutes or so of tinkering with Mork. The prognosis was in…

Scotty has no leaks… and a FULLY FUNCTIONAL furnace. WTF?

Floored! Amazed. The Heat is On!

Maiden Scotty voyage and overcoming fear


On Saturday I took the Scotty out for his maiden voyage to Lake Lanier and Shoal Creek Campground. It was only a one-night trip and an hour away, but the trip was intended to see how Mork (the Scotty) and I performed.

The temperature was forecast to be near freezing, but I did not want to postpone the trip. I had even convinced the non-camping boyfriend to join me, and wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity.


Scotty performed like a champ. I had fully functional electric and plumbing. As an added bonus, the refrigerator is working great when connected to 110v. This was a awesome discovery, as the refrigerator is original and 36 years old.

It appears the only part of Mork that will need a checkup is the gas furnace. Before purchasing the travel trailer, I asked the seller if the furnace was in working order. He told me that he wasn’t sure. I took this as a “no”, so I was expecting it. 😛

I was more concerned about how I would perform on the journey. I had never pulled anything with my automobile… not even a U-Haul trailer. In fact, I have even been somewhat fearful since I finalized the Scotty purchase.

Am I going to flip the thing when I take turns? How am I going to switch lanes?

I proud to say that I also performed like a champ. My travel trailer fears, like most other fears, were unfounded. I learned that as long as I take my time, I’ve got this. Mission accomplished. Fear eliminated. 😀

Today’s electrical (mis)adventure

It was my intention to install the adapter to convert the four-way flat to seven-way round on my Jeep Renegade. If this is gibberish to you, don’t fret… this meant nothing to me a few days ago. Basically, the adapter will allow Mindy’s electrical parts to work with Mork’s stuff. 😛


Mission accomplished… well, sort of.

I was able to get the bracket and adapter installed, but no power going to the lights on Mork.

After consulting with a forum, I learned that I needed to attach the group wire. Oops!


OK… done. But… still no power. Plus… I learned that I would need to have the blue wire hooked up in order for the brake light to work. And… the black wire would need to be connected in order to get power from Mindy to Mork.

BTW… if you’re just joining the Mork & Mindy escapade. Mork is my 1981 Scamp travel trailer, and Mindy is my 2016 Jeep Renegade. 😉

So… I have decided to step away from the colorful wires and leave this one to the pros.