Mobile Blogging

If you follow my blog, you probably have noticed that I don’t post a lot. Sure… I have good intentions and even better ideas for posts, but they usually get lost in the “would have/should have” pile.

One of the obstacles has been my laptop. Sure… it is a nice laptop, but it is also the laptop that I use for work. Each time I pull out the old ball and chain, I start a post, get distracted and move on to something else.

I have decided to shake things up and post using my iPhone and a foldable keyboard. Is the keyboard overkill? Maybe, but it allows me feel like I am creating and not just ranting and purging my soul on social media. 😛

My intent is more posts and fewer obstacles in sharing my thoughts.

I have learned some valuable tidbits of information since I hit the road in December. However, my brain has a lot of useless information in there. So while I can tell you the name of an 80’s song in three seconds or less (along with the artist and year released), a cool tip that I learned may get placed on a dark shelf in the catacombs of my brain.

Time to try something new.

So… bring on the posts.

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