I hate small talk

I can relate with Amy Schumer on this one.

Yes… I can be social. In fact, I can thrive in social situations. But… does this make me an extrovert? No.

I like one-on-one conversations or small groups. I don’t like forced conversations.


To Scamp or not to Scamp

I have been romanticizing the idea of taking a small camper, particularly a 13′ Scamp, across country to view the USA. On Sunday I almost pulled the trigger on an eBay auction for this little beauty.


From my research, it seems that Scamp campers have a loyal following and hold their value fairly well. This 36-year old little guy had a starting bid of $5,000, and a buy it now price of $5,500.

I can often be a bit impulsive, so I decided to let the boyfriend be the voice of reason before I pulled the trigger. After all, I don’t even have a car/truck/SUV. So… with 10 minutes left in the auction, I was reminded this camper did not include a shower. Could I survive without an inside shower? (I was considering the install of an outside shower.)

In the end, I decided to hold off on the purchase. I don’t want to put the cart before the horse… literally.

Alaska 2.0


The boyfriend and I just spent a week in Alaska and had an amazing time. This was my second cruise to the 49th state, although some of the stops were a bit different this time around. The seven-day Holland America cruise departed from Seattle and included stops in Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan, and Victoria (Canada). We also spent a day at sea floating through Glacier Bay.


The highlight for me was a visit to Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center and three hours of hiking that included East Glacier Trail. As you can see, I was a bit infatuated with the mushrooms we found along our trek.



Reclaiming my digital domain (i.e. email)


I have thousands of unread email… yes, thousands.

As a Gmail user, these messages have been squatting in my account… hiding out in my “Social” and “Promotions” folders. Sure, I invited (sometimes unknowingly) the majority of these tenants into what has become an information catch all, but today I reclaim my digital domain.

Clothing… cruises… StickerYou (WTF?)… Hillary (sorry, Hill… it’s not you… it’s me)… all unsubscribed.

I have spent the last 30 minutes going through dozens of emails. It is just the tip of the iceberg, but it is a start.

UPDATE (8/23/2016): It looks as though my efforts are paying off. My morning email check resulted in no messages in the “Promotions” folder.

2016-08-23 08.06.31 am

BTW… I have deleted the “Social” folder from my email, since I have decided to stop being so social.

Saying goodbye (for now) to Facebook


Over the past six months, I have limited my time on Facebook, opting to only post pics through my linked Instagram account.

My initial reason for taking a break from the Book of Face was not to limit the sharing, but instead to help eliminate the amount of useless crap, hateful rhetoric and political bullshit postings. Although most of my “friends” don’t know it, the unfollow button has become my new friend, allow me to ignore about 2/3 of the crew.

I often find myself returning to the time-stealing black hole of a site searching for validation on my photos (“yah… Jeffery approves of my sushi platter” or “woo-hoo… Jessica loves that I am at yet another coffee shop”). After doing so today, I felt the need to share a political posting that appeared at the top of my page.

Enough! The fucktard that is Donald Trump does not deserve to occupy my mind… or my Facebook. Plus… all of this banter about the best candidate only divides us, so I have decided to stop the madness… Facebook deactivated.

2016-07-27 03.41.47 pm

It seems that Facebook doesn’t want to let me go. Imagine that.

I am sure my clusterfuck of a brain, will have a synapse misfire and I will attempt to log back in. To remind myself of the decision to take a break, I also installed the extension Block Site.

2016-07-27 04.18.21 pm

Game on.

UPDATE (8/3/2016): It seems that each site that I have logged in with using Facebook will reactivate my FB account each time I log in. Mark Zuckerberg… you greedy bastard.😛

Also… I grew tired of the clip-art construction worker scolding me for attempted to log in to Facebook. The BlockSite extension allows you to be redirected to another site. I have chosen Good News Network.