Planes, trains, automobiles, and a boat (part one)

Yes… I’ve been slacking on the blog, but I do not what my writing to become a responsibility. Instead, I want it to be outlet.

I just spent a couple of weeks in continuous travel. Here was my itinerary, along with some pics.

9/23/2016: flight to Vancouver

on day one I came across this sign
on day one I came across this sign… I’m on the right track, baby
Capilano Suspension Bridge
relaxing at Kitsilano Beach Park
relaxing at Kitsilano Beach Park


Granville Public Market, an awesome farmers' market
Granville Public Market, an awesome farmers’ market

9/27/2016: bus to board my ship for a pacific coast cruise

my room on the Norwegian Jewel for the next five days... not too shabby
my room on the Norwegian Jewel for the next five days… not too shabby


9/28/2016: spending the day in Victoria

I spent most of my day in Beacon Hill Park.
I spent most of my day in Beacon Hill Park.


Beacon Hill Park was one of the best public parks I have ever visited. It had a variety of green areas, wooded spaces, ponds, and wildlife.

yes... that's a peacock roaming around... no cage
yes… that’s a peacock roaming around… no cage

To further drive home the fact I have made the decision to live a more nomadic life, I came across this little gem on a park bench…

love life now

Love Life Now… seize the moment… live it up… carefree as a frisky pup
Cherish your mate… be kind… love nature… for peace of mind


I ended my day in Victoria with a stroll along Fisherman’s Wharf.

9/29/2016: trolley to the Goonies in Astoria, Washington

My trek around Astoria included a ride on the riverfront trolley, a search for Goonies, a visit with the sea lions, and a bite and brew at a local pub.

the trolley is only a buck (or $2 to ride all day)
the trolley is only a buck (or $2 to ride all day)
"Goonies house"
“Goonies house”

If you’re ever in Astoria and want to see the “Goonies house”, it is located at 368 38th Street. Unfortunately, this is about as close as you will get. It seems that the 30th anniversary created a bit too much havoc.

For 14 years, homeowner Sandi Preston has let fans — within reason — approach, photograph, gawk at and geek out on her property in Uppertown. On occasion, she has even opened up her house to them.

“Sandi … has been very, very accommodating,” City Councilor Russ Warr said.

But, with an estimated 1,200 to 1,500 visitors swarming around the house almost every day this summer, Preston and her neighbors near 38th and Duane streets are experiencing fan fatigue.

sea lions of Astoria
sea lions of Astoria


I ended my day with a bowl of clam chowder, a sweet potato biscuit, and a local beer from Port of Call Bistro and Bar. Life is good.


1937 Hunt House Car

As the anticipation builds for the arrival of my new 13′ Scamp, I have continued to immerse myself in everything related to Scamp, RV travel, and camping. In doing so, I came across the RV/MH Hall of Fame Museum after a Scamp owner suggested the addition of the Scamp to the museum.

The museum contains RVs that date back as early as 1913, but I found myself particularly drawn to the the 1937 Hunt House Car.


The Hunt House Car was one of several unique early RVs built by Hollywood cinematographer J. Roy Hunt between 1935 and 1945.

Hunt began designing house cars after he found himself spending weeks on location shoots. In 1937, he took a Ford truck chassis and incorporated a smooth fuselage body and a streamlined shape. The design was so well received that the Hunt House Car went into limited production, and about 50 of them were produced over the next 10 years.

1937 Ford truck

The house car was restored by David Woodworth of Tehachapi, California. According to him, the 19 foot long home-on-wheels weighs about 4,100 pounds and gets 14 to 16 miles per gallon.

Check out the video…


Who pulled the plug on my beach?

After a day of hiking in Chicopee Woods, I decided a stop at the campground’s beach was well deserved.


Unfortunately, Lake Lanier was/is down about six feet and the beach had pretty much disappeared.


Yup… that yellow line you see is the barrier you shouldn’t swim beyond.😛


boats keep out… you think?

I still managed to wade up to my waist, as I sunk into the muck of the lake. So, yes… I went to the beach.😛


Day two at Old Federal and a five mile hike

After spending the night at my perfect spot, it was time to shower and do my business at the campground facilities.

I was pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness of the showers, and each had doors and shower curtains. This also lead me to question if I truly need a camper with a bathroom. After all, how much time would I spend in there?

clean bathrooms are our friend

I spent my day hiking the West Lake and East Lake trails at Chicopee Woods. It was beautiful, as you can see from the pics.




I checked… the Smurfs were not home


Solo camping at Lake Lanier

I spent the weekend solo tent camping at Old Federal Campground at Lake Lanier. This was my second time camping alone, and I had a great time.

I had researched the campground in advance and had decided on tent site 22. The facility map on the site provide a view of most of the sites on the campground.

I arrived early… at 1:00… the check-in time listed was 4:00. Still, Grace (the person working the office/entrance) was a delight and allowed me to check in early. After paying my $40 for the two nights, I was anxious to check out my lake view and set up my two-person tent.

my view for the weekend
my Coleman two-person tent is a breeze to setup… it takes less than 10 minutes

There are seven primitive “walk to” tent sites at Old Federal Campground. “Walk to” does not mean “hike to”, so I didn’t have to worry about a trek to my car. As you can see, it was right above my site… and there was a paved walkway leading me to Mindy.

Mindy watches over the campsite
Mindy watches over the campsite

I would definitely recommend the “walk to” sites, as it made it feel like I had my own private beach. I took full advantage of it, too… spending time reading and listening to water.

my own private beach at Old Federal Campground
my own private beach at Old Federal Campground


My idea of camping may be different that most, as I have never been a big fan of cooking… even grilling out. So, dinner was provided by Tiny Julius (aka Little Caesars).😉

pizza for dinner… yes, please

As the sun set for the evening, I was reminded that I had picked the perfect camping site.



relaxing with a book and a blanket in Piedmont Park

I love that I have the opportunity to pace my day based on what I want to accomplish. I love that my space, my apartment, is custom-fitted for me and the work I do and the lifestyle I live, rather than for guests I might someday have, or someone else’s ideas of what a space should look like and contain.

It sounds horribly anti-social, I know. But that’s kind of a loaded term, isn’t it? Anti-social?

It implies that social is what we should aspire to be, while quite often ‘social’ gets in the way of what we really want to accomplish.

Why not ‘pro-self’? Individual-focused? Me-shaped?

There are immense benefits to having a good group of friends. People you can reach out to when you want a conversation and a beer. People you can discuss heady topics with when you’re feeling intellectually stopped-up. Folks who help you track time and make memories, sometimes by just being there.

But there are aspects of one’s development that can actually be stunted by an over-focus on socializing. Not being able to be alone — and to not just survive, but thrive, as an individual — seems like a limiting trait.

Colin Wright, Lifestyle for One

No… I didn’t write this, but it sounds like something I would write (or at least say).

Colin’s post is a bit of serendipity. I am headed out to do some solo tent camping today near Lake Lanier. Pics to follow on Instagram.

New tow in tow… say hello to…

I picked up my new tow vehicle yesterday, and I love her. Say hello to Mindy.


Mindy is a 2016 Jeep Renegade, 4×4 Trailhawk edition.❤❤❤

I will explain my buying technique in a later post, as I am a hard ass when it comes to buying a car. I will also talk more later about my decision to buy a new vehicle (I have been carless for a year). For now, let me gloat on my new purchase. Mindy…

  • has a beautiful orange color (Omaha Orange)
  • has spent the last several month in Boone, North Carolina; I had her delivered to Atlanta
  • is fully equipped with all of the bells and whistles
  • includes a dual-panel roof (My Sky) that can be removed for topless days😉
  • can tow up to 2,000 pounds

I know that many avid RV-ers may question my decision to purchase a vehicle that can only tow 2,000 pounds, but I will explain my thought process in a later post. Again… this is Mindy’s time to shine.😛

Why the name Mindy? I’m glad you asked. You see, she will be in charge of pulling along her partner, Mork.

I deem him Mork… Na-Nu Na-Nu

What do you think of Mork & Mindy?



Living in 420 square feet

September 2016 marks my one years anniversary of living in 420 square feet. I had been dipping my toes into minimalism for some time, but it was a year ago that I dived in, moved out of my posh-ish midtown condo, sold my car, and moved into my current studio in Downtown Atlanta.

Patrick explores the new digs from the highest point he can reach

I am happy with the decision I made. Living with less has been an incredible experience. I wish I had chronicled my journey from the start, but here is the timeline in a nutshell.

  • November 2014: I place an offer on a studio in a historic downtown building (William-Oliver Building) with the intention of renting it. It is a short sale, so I am aware that the process could take a few months.
  • June 2015: Seven months of going back and forth with the bank and the deal is done. I now own a piece of Downtown Atlanta.
  • August 2015: I have decided to ramp up my minimalism game and move to the studio. In addition to cutting my living space in half, I decide to list my car for sale on eBay after the move is complete. The big purge begins.
  • September 2015: I move from 900 square feet in midtown to 420 in downtown.
the lobby and elevators at the William Oliver Building
  • October 2015: I am content with my new place. My car is sold. I begin to read more about the minimalist lifestyle.
  • November 2015: I list my midtown condo for sale. I will either sale or rent my midtown space, whichever comes first. I join an Atlanta minimalist group on Facebook.
  • December 2015: My name makes it way to the top of the rental list for the midtown condo. I receive notification from management that final approval should be granted in January. I also decide that my wardrobe could use the minimalist treatment. I opt to store all shirts and wear only 10 v-neck t-shirts in different colors. This will become my uniform.
  • January 2016: I pull my listing for the sale of the midtown unit. The condo is rented by the first tenant that views it.
  • August 2016: As my one year anniversary approaches, I decide to take my philosophy of less stuff, more living to the next level. I start looking at campers and contemplate my journey of traveling across the USA in a tiny RV.
the “uniform” I adopted in December 2015

Life is good.