All cruised out

Today is the last port of my last cruise for 2016… Limon, Costa Rica. As I write this, I am sitting at a coffee shop… doing what I do best.

having a coffee in Limon, Costa Rica

Cruises have been a great way to see a lot of places, and I have had a great time on all of my adventures. Still, it is time to take a break and explore a new kind of travel.

Yes… I had already realized this months ago when I ordered the Scamp. Still, the Scamp wasn’t due until mid-January, so I opted for one last hurrah… a cruise through the Panama Canal.

Sure, the Scamp plan morphed into a Scotty trek. Bring… it… on.

So… why am I tired of cruising? Well… I love waking up in a new city and/or country each day, but… well, the average cruiser repulses me. There… I said it, it’s not me… it’s you. 😛

having a beer in Colon, Panama

Ungrateful, entitled, lazy… these are the words that pop in my head at the moment. Yes… this is a generalization, but it my frame-of-mind at the moment. Maybe I will take my next cruise on Fathom.

Pioneered by Fathom, impact travel is a whole new category of travel: it’s travel with purpose. Travel that transforms lives. Sometimes including your own. Impact travel with Fathom provides the opportunity to build community with like-minded travelers, become immersed in another culture, and work alongside its people to create enduring social impact.

Maybe… maybe not. For now though, I am focused on the Scotty adventure. Yes… I am 3,266 Scotty miles from Atlanta, but I craving some time in the tin can.

Seven cruises in 12 months

On Wednesday I will be boarding a Holland America cruise ship headed toward the Panama Canal. This will be my seventh cruise in 12 months. Here is the rundown…

  1. November 29 to December 6, 2015: Caribbean
  2. April 2 to 16: Intercontinental (Fort Lauderdale to Southampton)
  3. May 19 to May 23: Caribbean
  4. June 26 to July 3: Caribbean
  5. August 13 to August 20: Alaska
  6. September 22 to October 2: Pacific Coast
  7. November 30 to December 11, 2016: Panama Canal
cruising in Alaska

2016 was an eventful year. I also spent time in Ocala (Florida), Orlando, Louisville, Cleveland, Daytona Beach, Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Diego, London and Puerto Vallarta.

near the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain

I was also able to work in a few camping trips to Lake Lanier, Amicalola Falls, and Ooltewah (Tennessee). I hope to make 2017 the year of camping now that Scotty is in the mix.