Adults play in the “Backstreet” (reprint)

While playing around in newspaper archives, I came across this article from The Georgia State University Signal from January 7, 1997. I would have been 21 at the time, but it would still be a couple of years before I made my first visit to Backstreet.

Adults play in the “Backstreet”

By Crystal Jaudon
Staff Writer

The night was full of promise as two roving newspaper types searched for an appropriate nightspot in which to intrude and demand entry. Actually, the people at Backstreet were incredibly cooperative and even friendly to a couple of novice college journalist out to snag a story and free admission. Located at 845 Peachtree St. N.E., this members only club is home of the one and only Ms. Charlie Brown. The mother of an all star cast of Grand Diva’s including Miz Lily White, Raven, Amanda Black and Heather Daniels. The cabaret motto reads something to this affect, “Welcome to Charlie Brown’s Cabaret where the men are men and the beautiful women… are men.” If this is shocking you, take a breather before continuing. Ready?

Charlie Brown’s Cabaret bombards the senses with comedy, dance, talented performers, great wait staff and cheap, yet tasty drinks. Definitely not for the meek, Ms. Charlie Brown goes for the jugular. Her barbed sarcastic humor drips with sticky, sweet honey as she good naturedly, rips those shreds who are rude, shy or simply from out of town. But, they love it! And they love her. The Charlie Brown quote for the night was, “Charlie Brown’s my name and fake is my game.

Raven, Charlie Brown’s co-host for the evening, gave the audience her dynamic rendition of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” in a midriff wedding ensemble with tassels. After her set, the Barbie of Backstreet moved through the audience forcing her victims to lace her shoes, mind their manners and acknowledge that we were in the presence of someone unaccustomed to dissension.

Although the show was hilarious and the drinks were good, the two novice journalist types had to pry themselves away from an excellent table, near the stage but not too far from the bar, to enter the land of Semi-Nude Male dancers. Wow! Not much one can say here, this is a school paper you know!

Stuart “Sweet Daddy” Gardner, the Senior Music and Video Programmer, creates that certain something that attracts young and old alike every Thursday, Friday and Saturday Night to Backstreet. “Sweet Daddy” has reported to Billboard Magazine since the eighties and has won international acclaim as one the best disc jockeys in the nation. But, to speak with the man is a rare treat, “I’m not interviewed much,” he says with the nicest voice as the flash explodes in a burst of bright light.

If you are interested in having a good time, with a diverse and good-natured crowd of people, join the club. Backstreet is members only, but a measly ten bones makes one a quarterly member with all of the privileges of membership. If you are under twenty-one do not even try it, everyone from twenty-one to ninety-one must show identification. So, adventurers have fun and as you step into Backstreet, an adult playground, remember this… approach that cute guy or girl you had been eyein’ all night, you may be surprised.

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