My Jumpstart Toward a Simple Life

My quest toward a simple life began over a decade ago. It took two events to jumpstart my journey.

I was confronted with what would become one of the most stressful times of my life… an audit by the Internal Revenue Service. The ordeal was ongoing for two years, and it included the audit of three years of federal tax returns.

My shortcoming in reporting my finances was not birthed out of deceit but instead out of a need to control. I felt the need to control every aspect of my life, including my finances. I was in control of the accounting and tax return preparation for a company that had over $1 million in annual sales… a company of one… a thriving business with an astute leader but an ignorant accountant.

The hard experiences in life are often the ones that have the most profound impact on us. If you can learn from these struggles, is the experience truly negative?

My tax ordeal taught me to delegate… to keep it simple.

At the same time I struggled, I feel in love. I feel in love with a boy. I feel in love with Amsterdam.

Time has a way of sorting out emotion, both good and bad. In retrospect, I realize I feel in love with simple living. This is not meant to minimize the love I felt for the boy or an amazing city. However, Amsterdam and the boy both represented a life I wanted… a simple life.

Amsterdam, the boy, and the IRS audit were all a part of my journey toward simplicity. These things are not part of my current reality, but fundamental in the journey of who I have become.

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