Creation Without Validation

I started reading a short book (with a long-ass title) from Nate Green. I only made it through the introduction of What We’ve Learned: 85 Practical Solutions for Getting Your Shit Together, Improving Your Relationships, Figuring Out Your Career, Boosting Your Self Confidence, Overcoming Self Doubt, Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone, and Living a Better Life, but I was inspired by this little tidbit…

Bonus points if the thing you create helps people; when those two things meet, it’s like magic. (It’s also, occasionally, a business.) Here are two things I know for sure: It feels good to create things and it feels good to help people. But creating things — especially good things — is difficult. It takes time, focus, and courage. Maybe even a little masochism.

Helping people is easier. There are a million ways to do it: You can hold the door open for the guy whose arms are full of groceries; you can help an old woman across the street (that’s still a thing, right?); you can share your life experience and hope that someone will read it and find it applicable to their own life.

This little nugget reconfirmed that I have a strong desire to create. So, why don’t I create more?

I feel many times I have created in search of validation.

Businesses were created. The validation? Money.

Many times these businesses were abandoned after the validation did not materialize in what I felt was an adequate amount of time. I am sure that my lack of perseverance snuffed out many legitimate business ventures. I’ve never been very good at “treading water.”

I’ve never been materialistic, but somewhere along the journey of life, I allowed money to become the primary source of validation. I began to take interests and allow their lifespan to be determined by their monetary value. So… if a hobby could not produce money, it was discarded.

My LEGO art… a hobby that didn’t sell

My blogging has also become a victim, allowing validation to fuel creation.

I would write in spurts, and if posts did not receive views… I stopped.

I enjoy journaling my thoughts and experiences… sharing. Still, I need to learn that my musings do not need to find an audience to have value. If they do, cool, but the validation of increased views or comments should not drive (or deter) me from writing.

So… having shared all of this… I’m back. 😁 👍


6 thoughts on “Creation Without Validation

      1. I just stumbled upon you today (4/8/19). I love everything I’ve read so far….it never ceases to amaze how something so simple makes such an impact. Hope you keep writing!

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      2. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I am trying to adapt to writing with a foldable keyboard and my iPhone. If it works out, I expect to post more.


  1. Maybe external validation is not necessary, just the process of creating is validation within itself? I have a similar “issue”, but for me it’s because I love coming up with ideas and starting the process of creation; finishing it is not so much of a priority as new new ideas take over. A bit of a case of creativity ADHA 🙂

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