The Van That Couldn’t

“IKEA on Wheels”

After proclaiming my love for the Carado Banff yesterday, I was met with this snarky comment from a Facebook troll user.

Well… if I can buy two and half Banffs for the price of one Roadtrek CS Adventurous XL, sign me up and tell me where to pick up my hexagon assembly tool.

I can absolutely appreciate nice things, but I am also a practical person that doesn’t need all of the bells and whistles.

So… this brings me to the lavish purchase that I made about six months ago. Say hello to van experiment one…

I bought her six months for $800 somewhere in Tennessee. It was my intention to build out the inside and hit the road again with my trusty sidekick, Pat the Cat.

Oh… and the van was so fancy that you didn’t even need a key to start her. You just had to touch two wires together. 😀

So… what happened to the unnamed Dodge?

After six weeks of tinkering… removing seats, adding subfloor, insulating walls, and bloodying up myself on more than one occasion, I decide to send her own way. The new owner picked her up today. She sold for $400. 😐

It was a $400 loss (not including the additional items I purchased), but I learned in the process. I can do more “handy” stuff. So… well worth the expense. Now, I just need a tool belt. NOT! 😛

So… where am I going with this?

Well, if I was willing to make a 1994 Dodge Ram conversion van my home, then I definitely don’t need an induction cooktop and motorized awning. So… IKEA van… sign me up. Hmmm… what should I name her? HATTEFJÄLL?

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