Coachella and the introvert

I have adopted the introvert moniker, but I don’t know if that is the correct label. I guess it sounds much better than “guy that is content in his own world and doesn’t give a fuck about what other people think”. 😛

Now that is not meant to be hostile. I actually do love people. I just have a low bullshit tolerance.

Having said that, I also love music, so Coachella would seem to be a great festival to explore new music. And… it did not disappoint.

The musical highlights were me were Róisín Murphy, Lorde, and, yes… Lady Gaga. In all, I probably saw close to 15 to 20 acts during the three day festival. My two favorite new discoveries were Joseph and Banks. The differences between these are two artists shows that my musical tastes can be, ahem… diverse.

Fortunately, I was able to hear both of these artists live. Unfortunately, the studio recordings do not show the vocal ability/rawness (Joseph and Banks) or stage presence (Banks) of either artist.

The Coachella camping experience definitely skews toward the 20-something crowd. In fact, 30-year-olds were rare, and well… 40-somethings, like me, were dinosaurs unicorns.

Fortunately, there were a few more of us, rare… mystic creatures inside. 😛

Music aside, I was expecting diversity and individuality from the Coachella crowd. I was disappointed here.

The young women seemed to fall into three categories:

  1. I am here for the music, and I will wear what makes me comfortable during these 90°+ days. (my kind of ladies)
  2. I am here to impress. Makeup and wardrobe must be on fleek. Fun is not the goal… to be seen is the goal. The perfect selfie is essential.
  3. I will wear as little as possible… not because it is hot, but because I am an adult now and my parents cannot tell me what to do.

The men… well… it was a young crowd. The frat-like atmosphere was rampant.

One thing that I witnessed on at least three occasions was guys that needed selfies with larger groups. They would stop crowds of people and want their picture taken with them. This, along with dozens of girls I witnessed taking selfies for 20 minutes at a time, made me wonder…

Are young people more concerned with making it look like they have a good time than actually enjoying themselves?

Is the event no longer important? Is the important thing to be known that you are at the event and having an “AMAZING” time?

Would I do Coachella again? Yes… I was exposed to a lot of great music.

Would I do Coachella camping again? Um… I think I will file this one under… been there, done that.

And… if you don’t know Róisín Murphy…

that’s my Róisín… “playing” what appears to be a desk bell-drinking straw combo with an ice cream scooper

You’re welcome. 😛

4 thoughts on “Coachella and the introvert

  1. Extroverts are energized around lots of people and experience energy loss when by themselves.
    Introverts are energized when alone and experience energy loss when around lots of people

    That’s the best definition I’ve heard. I am an introvert.


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