360° View: Lake Havasu Campsite

 April 5-11, 2017

 Lake Havasu City, Arizona (34.423, -114.19799)

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 As I drove along Highway 95, I found several spot where people had set up camp. I chose this spot because it was relatively close to the city (~10 miles), yet far enough out to feel like and camper and not a tourist. This location is close to the road, so you will encounter a bit of noise. Still, it is not offensive. There were a couple of bumps along the way, but nothing too severe.

[ The 360° image player may not display the correct location on a map. I recommend clicking the  icon above or viewing the map I have created of all 360° views to see an exact location.]

During my six night stay, I saw a few other campers. We were spread out nicely though. This allowed me to give Patrick plenty of room to roam.

And to roll in the dirt.

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