Today I will kayak to California

Today I will kayak to California.

That is a statement that never entered my mind, but it is exactly what I did yesterday. I crossed the Colorado River from Arizona to California in my inflatable, yes inflatable, kayak.

Now, before you begin to conjure up images of an all-day, strenuous haul… miles and hours of endless, back-breaking paddling… you should grab your handy Rand McNally. [If you’re scratching your head or under the age of 30, click here.]

The kayak was only about half of a mile from the Site Six launch ramp. However, there were motor boats, water skiers, and PWC (personal water craft)… dodging them while dealing with the waves they created. So, my journey out was a fast one… Frogger-like, even.

When my day started, I had no plans. Most of my days are like this now. I just let things happen.

After heading out, I thought I would do some kayaking if I found a nice spot. At first I drove to Lake Havasu State Park, but I did not want to pay the $20 parking fee just to park and hop in the water.

So, I downloaded an app called called Launch Site and found Site Six. It wasn’t until I was in the water that I thought, “Hey… that’s California over there.” And… GO!

It took about 10 minutes. Again… speed… boats. Must… not… die. 😛

The reward was this little island all to myself.

And a nice hike up the hill to survey the land.

Oh… and a beer or two. 😛

After spending a few hours at my little retreat… reading, and picturing myself as Brooke Shields in The Blue Lagoon (NOT!), I headed back to Site Six.

The waves were a bit more severe this time, and the kayak did take on a bit of water. But… I survived and wouldn’t change a thing.

kayak in a bag… BAM!

This was only my third solo kayak… and probably only my sixth or so kayak total. I can see myself doing a lot more of it. 😀

So… I wonder what today will bring.

8 thoughts on “Today I will kayak to California

  1. Hello Kevin, how do you like the kayak? i was thinking of buying the same one, i know its not the high end
    of the kayaks, but i think it looks good.


    1. Hey Jose. I’m fairly new to kayaking, but I am loving it. I like the one I bought. It is easy to inflate and deflate. At this point, I have no complaints about the product. If you buy one, lemme know what you think.


      1. Thanks Kevin, i don’t normally do a lot of Kayaking, but i thought this would be great for when i go to a lake in July of this year. I will be going to Montana De Oro, this is a State Park in California near Morro Bay


  2. How fun! I just wanted to say how glad I am that you decided to increase the frequency of your posting. I’ve been enjoying it all. (Also, just wanted to encourage you, if you ever feel like it, to *also* do some posts about your Scotty itself — how you’re liking it, the particulars of life in a Scotty, any modifications you’ve made that were helpful, what you cook and eat… all that kind of stuff!) Love the travel stuff, would also love the actual RV stuff too. 😉


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