Hiking up and down to Painters Cove

Here are a few 360° views and a video from today’s jaunt up the hill and down to Painters Cove.

There wasn’t a clear path, but I was determined to see what was on the other side of the hill. Just call me Kevino Vespucci. 😂

So… why don’t I just post these to Facebook?

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I know it is what all of the cool kids are using these days. 😛 Still, I am not one of the cool kids. 😛

Truth… I don’t like the idea of being a commodity, and that is what we all are to Facebook. Huh, you say?

Did you know that as of January 2016, a US or Canadian user is worth $13.54 each quarter to Facebook?

Sure… I get it. Facebook is a necessary evil, and I will continue to post as much as always. I just consider this as my way of giving “the man” the finger. Sure… it is a tiny Trump-sized baby’s middle finger. Still, my shit is my shit (until Google starts placing subliminal messaging in the Photospheres). 😛

OK… enough of that, back to our regularly scheduled programming. 😀

If you look across Lake Mead, you can clearly see the water line. The lake hasn’t reached it’s capacity since 1983 due to a combination of drought and increased water demand.

The boat in the lower left helps to illustrate how high the lake once was.

There are shells all along the hills. You will even find them back at my campsite.

These shells were closer to the water, about 20 or so feet from the shore.

Exploration and relaxation… it was a great way to spend my day. Hell… it is a great way to spend every day.

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