Colorado River, Arizona Hot Springs, and a kick-ass hike

I had an amazing hike yesterday to the Colorado River and Arizona Hot Spring. Like all destination hikes, the trek back can be a bitch. Hiking down is optional; hiking back is mandatory.

Here are a couple of photospheres I took along the way…

I didn’t wear my swimsuit, but I did bring it. So… I found a corner and did my best Wonder Woman spin changed into my suit.

Mental Note: Bring flip flops next time. The rocks and ladder leading to the river were brutal on my bare feet.

There were several people in the hot springs when I arrived, so I waded through and headed down to the river for some relaxation and a bite to eat.

After a hour or so of R&R, I headed back to the springs. The crowds had cleared out, and I had a pool all to my self.

I chilled out here for quite a while, taking in the surrounding and enjoying the view.


The trek back up was less than amazing. Next time, I will eat more and pack more water. It didn’t seem too hot at the time, but it was brutal. Still, a wise old sage once said…

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both…

😛 😛 😛

On a side note, I am going to attempt to blog more. My lack of posting comes from a need to get everything just right before hitting that publish button. Well… no more… I will accept my less-than-perfect posts. 😛

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