The heat is on

One of the last pieces of the Scotty puzzle to come together was the heat for my future home on wheels.

When I initially flew to Cleveland to view the Scotty, I was told that the refrigerator and stove were in working order.

“How about the gas?” I asked.

The “I’m not sure about that one” response from the seller told me that I would be buying a Mr. Buddy indoor heater when I did not have electric to power my ceramic heater.


Before I bought the portable heater, I checked to see if my HVAC guy was willing to take a look at the Scotty. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he was game. So, I met up with him last Wednesday.

I understand that Mork is 36 years old. Hell… he has the original exterior, flawless authentic interior, working refrigerator and stove. I knew that a working furnace was pushing it.


After 30 minutes or so of tinkering with Mork. The prognosis was in…

Scotty has no leaks… and a FULLY FUNCTIONAL furnace. WTF?

Floored! Amazed. The Heat is On!

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