Maiden Scotty voyage and overcoming fear


On Saturday I took the Scotty out for his maiden voyage to Lake Lanier and Shoal Creek Campground. It was only a one-night trip and an hour away, but the trip was intended to see how Mork (the Scotty) and I performed.

The temperature was forecast to be near freezing, but I did not want to postpone the trip. I had even convinced the non-camping boyfriend to join me, and wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity.


Scotty performed like a champ. I had fully functional electric and plumbing. As an added bonus, the refrigerator is working great when connected to 110v. This was a awesome discovery, as the refrigerator is original and 36 years old.

It appears the only part of Mork that will need a checkup is the gas furnace. Before purchasing the travel trailer, I asked the seller if the furnace was in working order. He told me that he wasn’t sure. I took this as a “no”, so I was expecting it. 😛

I was more concerned about how I would perform on the journey. I had never pulled anything with my automobile… not even a U-Haul trailer. In fact, I have even been somewhat fearful since I finalized the Scotty purchase.

Am I going to flip the thing when I take turns? How am I going to switch lanes?

I proud to say that I also performed like a champ. My travel trailer fears, like most other fears, were unfounded. I learned that as long as I take my time, I’ve got this. Mission accomplished. Fear eliminated. 😀

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