My Scotty arrived

My Scotty was delivered yesterday to the lot where I will be storing him… about five miles from my home.


I found the books shown above inside the camper. They appear to be from the original owners, as they have copyright dates of 1980 (Trailer Life’s RV Repair & Maintenance Manual), 1973 (Chilton’s Camper Trailers Repair & Maintenance Guide), and… gasp, 1961 (Outdoor Life Complete Book of Camping).

I spent an hour or so driving around the parking lot to get accustomed with pulling a tow vehicle. No… I have not perfected the art of backing up, but I feel much more comfortable with the process than I expected.


I made another trip over today to attempt to get model numbers for my refrigerator, range, and furnace. Can you tell I am excited?

Todays Lesson: If your camper is not level, do not attempt to lie down in the back, as it will tip over. Hahahahaha! 😛

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