How I met Scotty (errr… Mork)

After my tent camping went awry, I decided to postpone my Scamp adventure. So… I cancelled my order.

I just wanted more time to think about my decision and make sure that I was making the right one. It seems that I had let my brain get the best of me… I had fallen victim to analysis paralysis (keep reading if you’re not familiar with the term).

I still had the itch, so I starting looking on eBay. That’s where I found my Scotty soulmate.

The pics in this post are from the original eBay listing.

He is stuck in the 80s. He has style. He is an original.

I saw Mork (I’m still going to stick with this name) on eBay on Thursday, November 3. It was love at first sight. 😛 Still, Mork was 11 hours away in Warren, Ohio.

After asking a few questions and talking with the owner, I booked a flight to Cleveland, a rental car, and a hotel. It was on!

love the colors... classic!
love the colors… classic!

I had told myself on the flight to Cleveland (and hour in the rental car) that I did not need to make an immediate decision. After all, the seller had told me his reserve price, so I could follow the listing and bid accordingly. Still, when I saw Mork’s quirky colors and 80’s paneling, I was hooked.

time warp? YES!
time warp? YES!

I made the seller an offer in person. He accepted. I paid a deposit. SOLD! Scotty/Mork was mine!


Now that the purchase is made, I do not have struggle with making a decision. I am actually pretty good a making decision, but I can overthink things to the point of being paralyzed (hence the term analysis paralysis).


Mork does not have a toilet or shower, but I had already convinced myself this wasn’t a requirement. My thought was… I shit and shower once each day, so why lose space for this. 😛

Plus… this would give me extra space and room for guests.


The plan is to pick up my new (old) Serro Scotty later this month. I have two weeks to pay the balance. Sure… I have never towed anything in my life, but I will make this work.


I just placed to order for my hitch from Amazon. I got this… right?


Yes… it… is… on. 😮

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