Planes, trains, automobiles, and a boat (part two)

As I continue to slack further from blogging, I figure it is best to get the pics from the rest of this journey up before it is gone from my memory. đŸ˜›

a beautiful sunset while cruising the west coast
a beautiful sunset (or was it a sunrise) while cruising the west coast

After leaving Astoria on September 29, I made my way down the west coast aboard the Norwegian Jewel, arriving in Los Angeles on October 2.

10/2/2016: time with friends in Los Angeles, followed by a bus and two trains

While in LA, I was able to spend a couple of nights with friends, have a few drinks, and take part in one my favorites… a day in the park with a book.


When Tuesday rolled around, it was time to dive in to the Los Angeles public transit system. I picked up a bus at Beverly and Genesee, then a hop on the Metro red line (train) to Union Station.

Yes… I love my public transit

Next stop… Amtrak (my first) and a ride down the Pacific Coast.

Amtrak hair... don't care :P
Amtrak hair… don’t care đŸ˜›

I would definitely do Amtrak again. So… don’t knock it until you try it.

  • The ticketing process was a breeze.
  • The train was comfortable with plenty of legroom.
  •  There was free wifi (albeit slow) throughout the train.

Oh… and then there was the view. SOLD!

10/4/2016: San Diego

As far as my mush brain can remember, I had never been to San Diego, but it is a city that I can see myself returning to.

Although, I was only in San Diego for two days, I managed to get in the San Diego Zoo…



… a hike…


… a tour around the various museums and greenery in Balboa Park…




… and a visit to the Fleet Science Center to see Nathan Sawaya’s Art of the Brick exhibit.


Yes… the truth is that the guiding force behind my trek to San Diego was to see this exhibit. In fact, I took pics of every single one of Nathan’s LEGO works of art. I’m sure at some point I will create a post with everything. Loved It!

After my two days were up in San Diego, it was time to catch an Uber, followed by my return flight to Atlanta.


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