Solo camping at Lake Lanier

I spent the weekend solo tent camping at Old Federal Campground at Lake Lanier. This was my second time camping alone, and I had a great time.

I had researched the campground in advance and had decided on tent site 22. The facility map on the site provide a view of most of the sites on the campground.

I arrived early… at 1:00… the check-in time listed was 4:00. Still, Grace (the person working the office/entrance) was a delight and allowed me to check in early. After paying my $40 for the two nights, I was anxious to check out my lake view and set up my two-person tent.

my view for the weekend
my Coleman two-person tent is a breeze to setup… it takes less than 10 minutes

There are seven primitive “walk to” tent sites at Old Federal Campground. “Walk to” does not mean “hike to”, so I didn’t have to worry about a trek to my car. As you can see, it was right above my site… and there was a paved walkway leading me to Mindy.

Mindy watches over the campsite
Mindy watches over the campsite

I would definitely recommend the “walk to” sites, as it made it feel like I had my own private beach. I took full advantage of it, too… spending time reading and listening to water.

my own private beach at Old Federal Campground
my own private beach at Old Federal Campground


My idea of camping may be different that most, as I have never been a big fan of cooking… even grilling out. So, dinner was provided by Tiny Julius (aka Little Caesars). 😉

pizza for dinner… yes, please

As the sun set for the evening, I was reminded that I had picked the perfect camping site.


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