Touring Paris in three hours

In April, as part of a transatlantic cruise, I had a stop in Le Havre, a port city located about 200 km (about 125 miles) from Paris. Although I had been to Europe several times, I had never visited Paris. Why? Well, it just seems like it is where everyone wants to go. And, well, I pride myself on being an individual that makes his own path.

Anyway… I decided to get over myself and seize the opportunity. The ship was docked for 11 hours in Le Havre, and the train ride was three and a half hours each way. Unfortunately, I did not walk the most direct route to the station and missed my intended train, so I lost an hour. I would have three hours to tour the “City of lights” (before the lights were actually on).

Here are a few photos from my three hour tour.


Palais Garnier

My rushed trip through the streets of Paris did not allow me time to document everything. Still, I snapped pics of some of the sights I found interesting. After all, it is my journey, right?




My only requirement while in Paris was to see the Eiffel Tower… and to enjoy myself. Mission Accomplished!

My whirlwind tour of Paris did not allow me to get to the top of the Eiffel Tour. However, I enjoyed my time, and I am happy to report that I did not leave the city with Paris Syndrome.

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