Pit stop in Tunnel Hill, Georgia

After my night in a tiny camper in Ooletwah, Tennesse, I stopped in Tunnel Hill, Georgia. Having lived in the southeastern United States my entire life, I had driven up and down interstate 75 hundreds of times, but this was my first stop in the city. Here are some pics from Tunnel Hill and the Western & Atlantic Railroad Tunnel. Enjoy!

Tunnel Hill historic marker
W&A Railroad Depot
an old luggage cart on display
an old luggage cart on display
Sherman's Neckties alongside museum and visitor's center
Sherman’s neckties alongside museum and visitor’s center
road becomes one lane when crossing an old wooden bridge
historic marker for Western & Atlantic Railroad Tunnel
entrance to Western & Atlantic Railroad tunnel

The museum and visitor center is not open on Sunday, so I did not get to see the inside of the tunnel or take part in the tour. Here is a pic from the Georgia travel and tourism site.

inside of the Western & Atlantic Railroad Tunnel
inside of the Western & Atlantic Railroad Tunnel

According to the site, you can “walk through 1,477 feet of railroad and Civil War history at the Western and Atlantic Tunnel, completed in 1850. It was the first major railroad tunnel in the South, the final link in the first railroad tunnel through the Appalachian Mountains, and witness to the 1862 Great Locomotive Chase.”

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