My first Megabus adventure (part one)

Ptttttatutttt… Ptttttatutttt… Ptttttatutttt. Btttttatutttt… Btttttatutttt… Btttttatutttt.

The swirling sounds are far ahead of schedule today.

I reach for the glowing device to gain nine more minutes of sleep.

Ptttttatutttt… Ptttttatutttt… Ptttttatutttt. Btttttatutttt… Btttttatutttt… Btttttatutttt.

It is the sound of helium. A chime that I am very familiar with, but the whirling audio is four hours early.

I reach for my phone for a swipe to the left and nine more minutes of silence, then it is time to hit the shower. Today brings with it a first… my first Megabus ride.

Since I did not pack the night before, I have allowed myself extra time to get my shit together. I also plan on walking to the Civic Center station to hail my double-decker chariot of the common man. I even plan on washing my dinner dishes from the night before.

My expectations were unrealistic. However, I did manage to complete everything but “the chores”. Hell… the dishes can wait. Today is a day for adventure.

I’m out the door at 5:15 AM with my small backpack and laptop. The temperature is cold, but not as cold as the day before… or the day before that. The chill in the air has caused the occasional homeless person to hopefully relocate to better accommodations than Woodford Park. I only encounter a handful of cars, a delivery truck and three people hoofing it in the cold this morning along my 3/4 mile journey.

The MARTA station appears, and I find my people… the 30 or so other travelers that have gathered to join me on our trek. The attendant ushers us into three lines… Nashville, Louisville (my destination), Chicago. We file onto the bus as the attendant checks each person’s paperwork. We head out at 6:02 AM… right on time.


We’re moving right along. The bus seems to be at about 40% capacity, with fewer people on the lower level. Everyone has plenty of room to spread out down here in steerage. 😛

My initial impression is that I will definitely do this again. I have a reserved seat with a table and no neighbors in my quad.


Our first stop in Chattanooga… 8:00 AM. The bus is pulled over to the side of the road in a nondescript area with traffic cones alerting fellow motorists of our presence. The driver tells us that we have 15 minutes, so I opted to walk around the block… nothing of interest to note. I make my way back to the bus. We don’t lose any passengers but gain two.

As soon as we resume our journey, I notice we are being tailed by a big-ass GMC. It seems that mom didn’t drop one of the 20-somethings off at the bus stop on time. Honking, arms waving, lights flashing… but the bus doesn’t stop. I alert the driver of our tag-along existence. Here response… tough shit (not her exact words, but this is my story). The behemoth follows us for a mile or so before pulling in front of the bus and managing to get our captain to stop.


And we’re off again.


NOTE: If I am going to continue to blog, my ghetto phone is just not going to cut it as a camera.

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