Every day is vacation


Last night I posted a question to Facebook…

If you could take a one-year vacation, what would you do? Where would you go?

Most of the replies included elaborate trips throughout the world.

I would strive to see as much as I could of all seven continents.

Australia and New Zealand for half of it and make a complete leisurely trip all around the Mediterranean coast for the second half.

Sleep, travel, sleep some more. I would love to see Europe!

This started me to think on the terms “vacation” and “work” and what I want out of life.

“Vacation” to me has never been a destination but instead an escape from the mind, a renewal. My trips have rarely been about a list of things to do in a specific destination.

I would like to combine the worlds of work and vacation. This has led me to document the journey here. My work will now be living. I am taking a 365-day vacation.

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